Open Lens Gallery


 Keith Sharp 300x New London MD Ben Marcin
Palm Houses 1

The Natural, The Material, And The Physical:
Landscape Through The Photographic Eye

In the Open Lens Gallery
January 22 – March 29
Monday – Saturday, 9 am – 5 pm
and Sundays, p am – 2 pm

This exhibition explores the natural environment through the eyes of various regional photographers. Each presents a unique view of our physical space and the world in which we live. Our relationship with nature is one that is of both historical and contemporary concern in Judaism. The images created by these photographers — from the observation of development’s impact on the land to a romantic re-vision of classical gardens — offers viewers an opportunity to enter into dialog about the human presence in the land. The exhibition includes regional photographers Adam Davies (Washington, DC), Sandra Davis (Philadelphia), Alexander Heilner (Baltimore), Ben Marcin (Baltimore), Keith Sharp (Philadelphia), and Blaise Tobia (Philadelphia).

Exhibition sponsored in part by Junia Oliansky

(Clockwise from top left: Keith Sharp, Underpass; Ben Marcin, A House Apart: New London, MD; Alexander Heilner, Palm Jumeirah, Dubai, U.A.E.)