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Paul Strand 2

Final installment of Sobo Brunch Series on  Nov. 23!

Politics, Culture and Bagels! Join the Gershman Y’s Executive Director Maxine Gaiber for an enlightening introduction to the work of American photographer and filmmaker Paul Strand, whose work is on display in a special exhibit at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Read more…


The Gershman Y’s 12th Annual Latkepalooza on Dec. 7

The original Latkepalooza is back as one of Philadelphia’s most sizzling family events! Chow down on gourmet versions of the popular potato pancake, presented by top chefs from Talula’s Garden, Jones, Frankford Hall, Vedge, Abe Fisher, Catahoula Bar & Restaurant, Estia, Sabrina’s Cafe, Betty the Caterer, and London Grill! With live music, magic & crafts. Read more…

December Dilemma

The December Dilemma

How do interfaith families cope with the holidays? Is it Christmas OR Hanukkah or Christmas AND Hanukkah? Join us on December 14 for this FREE interactive discussion about the challenges and successful strategies for navigating the holiday season. Register today!

Moo Shu montageMoo Shu Jew Show is back Dec. 24!

The Moo Shu Jew Show is back with comedy and Chinese food on Christmas Eve – the perfect Jewish combination! This moo-shuggena show features four of the country’s top Jewish comedians and a multi-course Chinese meal for an evening that will leave you with a belly full of laughs and good food!
Read more…