Welcome to the Gershman Y


Moo Shu montageThe Moo Shu Jew Show is back on Dec. 24!

The Moo Shu Jew Show is back with comedy and Chinese food on Christmas Eve – the perfect Jewish combination! This moo-shuggena show features four of the country’s top Jewish comedians and a multi-course Chinese meal for an evening that will leave you with a belly full of laughs
and good food! Read more…

latkesLatkepalooza was lots of fun!

What a thrill it was to welcome over 400 foodies of all ages to the Gershman Y! Many thanks to all of our generous restaurants, chefs, sponsors, and volunteers. Want a taste of Latkepalooza at home? Here are recipes from three of the participants:
Abe Fisher, Catahoula Bar & Restaurant, and Vedge.